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Vertex is the solution.


Operating in the telecom industry for the last 35 years means we’ve seen (and probably done) it all.  We’ve built a network of contacts, secured access to key databases and developed proprietary software… all of which combine to help you.  We un-complicate the mess of data overload, continuously changing regulations and frustrating tele-speak to hone in on your ideal solution.


We have the most comprehensive set of telco data, validation and verification tools in the industry. Whether you are initiating a winback campaign or launching an upsell program for one of the major carriers, you’ve come to the right place. Vertex has processed nearly half a BILLION records for the telecom industry over the past 13 years. We utilize a full 10-digit screening process in all of our validation, verification and lead identification efforts.

Our most popular telecom-based solutions

Targeted Marketing Leads – tailored specifically to your sales objectives

Direct Sales

LIDB Validation – the definitive source for info on a telephone number including the following:

Connect Status
Local Service Provider (underlying carrier)
Calling features and billing options

TEVA – a lower cost, yet highly accurate, alternative to LIDB Validation for determining the underlying carrier

LineMatchXtra – a lower cost, yet highly accurate, alternative to LIDB Validation for determining the following:

Connect Status
Record Type – Business, Residential, Payphone, etc.
Line Type – Landline, Wireless, VoIP, etc.

Wireless ID – a TCPA Compliant screen to identify and remove wireless numbers

– append the most current phone to a name and address

– append the most current name and address to a telephone number

– verify the accuracy of your name, address and phone information

Batch Processing?
Real-time Access? You pick!


We’re happy to handle your files with tender loving care, or set up links so you can have your own direct FTP 24/7 access.

Did You Know? Telecom is seriously overloaded with acronyms.  Learning it can be as challenging as mastering a new language.  The most important acronym you should know is LIDB… which stands for Line Information Database.  LIDB is a network of federally regulated databases that every telephone company in the U.S. is REQUIRED to keep up-to-date at all times.  It’s the definitive source for information about a telephone number and it’s one of Vertex’s best solutions.

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