About Us

Industry veterans Joy Lindsey and Jeff Verderame established Vertex Solutions Group in 2003 in response to a need for an end-to-end comprehensive validation solution.

With a combined 50+ years of experience in the telecom business, the two joined forces to create a company that could provide customers with access to databases and information vital to their success. The ability to combine data from multiple sources and provide clients with a customized single, usable, output file is what sets Vertex apart from its competitors. Cutting-edge technology, proprietary software and tailored processes help Vertex clients achieve their business goals in a simplified and cost-effective manner.

It is our goal to simplify the confusing, data-overloaded world of telecommunications for our clients and turn it into valuable information.

Joy Lindsey - President

Joy Lindsey co-founded Vertex and continues to be directly involved in all aspects of the operation. Her 18 years in the telecommunications industry proves invaluable in understanding the infrastructure and inner workings of telecom networks, routing, billing and database applications. With a special emphasis on LIDB Validation, LEC Billing, Dial Around Compensation and Operator Services, Lindsey's background enhances the services provided by Vertex.

After several years in the oil and gas industry, she began her telecommunications career at CenturyTel (formerly San Marcos Telephone). As an Account Manager for the Operator Services group, she had front-line interaction with clients and learned the business from the ground up-literally. She knows how to wield a punch-down tool, program a dialer and is capable of a variety of other antiquated skills. Most important, however, was her education in the "customer-first" philosophy that has become the cornerstone of Vertex's success.

Lindsey also benefited from a multi-year tenure at Billing Concepts where she was responsible for the development, operation and management of its Dial Around Compensation service-one of the most successful and highly profitable services of its time.

Lindsey has been involved in a variety of industry associations and has been a featured speaker at many conferences including ACTA, Ascent, TeleCard World, SWCTA and Pelorus. She has also conducted training programs on LIDB Validation, LEC Billing and Operator Services for many companies including MCI Worldcom, Verizon, GTE, CenturyTel and Billing Concepts.

She holds a BBA in Management from the University of Texas at San Antonio along with MBA studies from UTSA Graduate School of Business.

Jeff Verderame - EVP  Sales  and  Marketing

Jeff Verderame, co-founder of Vertex, has 30 years in the telecom industry. He heads up the company's Sales and Marketing division, and is responsible for establishing and managing many of the critical partner relationships that drive the unique Vertex data offerings. Backed by seasoned sales and production teams, he and Lindsey have directed Vertex to record revenue performances every year. Vertex is now considered the premier telecom validation and e-commerce verification source with a multitude of unique "customer driven" solutions. Verderame credits the company's phenomenal success to the strong group of professionals that form Vertex's core.

Prior to establishing Vertex, Verderame held a number of management and executive positions at SNET, TNS, PSINet, TARGUSinfo and Neustar. Some of his accomplishments include: directing the build of the first deregulated OSP for SNET, being part of the product development team that introduced the first LIDB Gateway system, creating a $25M revenue stream for SNET by developing a storage system for AT&T's Universal Card and increasing TNS telecom revenues from $8M to $40M in less than 4 years.

Having been intimately involved in the development of several of the Telco validation systems of the major LIDB hubs, he is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on fraud control and risk management. In addition, he is credited with many of the innovations those companies continue to rely on today. Vertex however, is the culmination of his three decades of knowledge and experience, and offers the most powerful telecom and Internet business risk management tools available.

Verderame holds a BA in Political Science from Providence College.

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